Terms & Conditions

Drive it

Called here the lessor take obligation to rent a vehicle under the following conditions. The renter acknowledges an it is agreed.

  • The renter received the vehicle in good order and condition he most return it to the lessor’s office or the place which is agreed and recorded on the first page, in the same condition, with all tools, tyres and other parts.
  • On the first page is recorded the rental time. If the renter wants to extend the rental he must inform the lessor 24 hours before the arranged returning. The lessor has the right to take the vehicle back from the renter, if he does not drive according to the traffic regulations or if he drives against the interest of the lessor.
  • The renter shall take care to have the vehicle in good condition. He must check the oil and water during the rental. Also he must pay for the cost of gasoline.
  • The lessor shall not be responsible for damage to any property left or stored or transported by renter another person in, or upon the vehicle before, during or after the rental or after the return of the vehicle to the lessor’s office.
  • The renter shall always lock the vehicle when not in use and take all precautions to prevent its theft or of its accessories.
  • The lessor whilst taking all precautions and using its best efforts to prevent such happenings shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any fault or defect in or from machine damage of the vehicle or any consequential damages.

Renter shall pay the lessor the sum of:

  • All basic delivery and collection charges when applicable to the rental.
  • All time and mileage charges computed at the rates shown in this agreement (mileage to be determined by reading factory installed odometer).
  • State taxes and service fees on the rental.
  • All charges are subject final to audit.
  • If the renter delays the car after the arranged returning, for each hour the charge is a 1/6 of the current daily unlimited KLMS charge.

Vehicle shall not be used:

  • Against the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  • To carry persons or property for hire.
  • To carry more persons than it is licensed for.
  • To transfer or carry heavy luggage or badly smelling goods narcotics.
  • To tow other cars or trailers.
  • In any race test or contest
  • By any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • By any person without the advanced authorization of the lessor.
  • For any use against the Hellenic law.
  • Outside of the island.

Customers are responsible for and shall pay parking and traffic violations.



Renter is fully relieved from the responsibility for any damage (except the tyres interior part and underneath) part of the car if he accepts the relevant conditions of this agreement and pays an additional amount calculated on daily basis according to the lessors the condition that the renter during the period of the rental will comply with all the traffic regulations and any other regulation in force.


The insured customer accepts to pay an additional amount calculated on a daily basis according to the lessors current tariff and he accepts the terms and conditions of the accident policy which is arranged by the lessor, for its customer with the insurance company. Any customer who refuses to accept this personal accident policy is directly responsible for the passengers in the vehicle and for any damage or injuries for which they may claim.


Lesse accepts his personal data to be registered in a computer. Also agrees, that the Lessor has the right to use such personal data in the case lessee is giving false data or making untrue statements or is bridging this present Agreement and also has the right to send such personal data to any Police authorities, when there are certain indications that there is a criminal act.


In case of loss or damage of car key during the rental, the renter is liable for following charges: 60,00€ for car groups small, medium, and 200,00€ for car groups family, S.U.V.

In case of accident or any other incident the customer is responsible to follow the insurance procedure as set out below:

a) Call the police,

b) Obtain names and addresses of eye witnesses,

c) Do not accept any responsibility or fault for the accident until the police has found the guilty party,

d) Contact immediately, by phone or other way the lessor,

e) Obtain all relevant information from the third party or parties (car number, names etc),

f) Complete and sign an accident report within 24 hours from the time of the accident

g) Send any other documents or information relative to the accident to the lessor.
Lessor is not waived from any local claim reported on this agreement or contained in legal force over this agreement.

Delivery problems may compel the company to cancel a reservation or supply another car.

Renters of 23 years of age or less, are fully responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle.

We are not obliged for any refund be for rental agreement.

Any damages on the car caused by the renter (his/her own responsibility) and up to the amount of 600€+24% Taxes, are not covered by any insurance.

Any and all disputes which may arise between the lessor and customer shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Chania on Crete.

The car radio-tape recorder – cd constitutes additional charge of money deposit. A refund of money (any way of payment) will be returned for the car radio-tape recorder-cd, when the radio-tape recorder -cd is back.

The radio – tape recorder- cd & charging extras are not covered by any insurance.
The costumer owes to pay for the cleaning of this rented vehicle in case he drives on sand or wet tar. The change depends on the cleaning that is necessary. Minimum charge is 50,00 €.

The rental must give some form of guarantee which is set by the rental office.
The terms and conditions that are above from “DRIVE IT” RENT A CAR can be changed without notice.