Frequently asked questions

Drive it

  1. How old do I have to be to be able to rent a car from your company?
    ANSWER: All drivers over the age of 21, who hold a valid international driving license for at least one year, are able to rent a car from our company. In any other case you should contact us and make a special agreement, but you must hold a valid driving license for at least one year.
  2. Is a credit card necessary to rent a car?
    ANSWER: Using a credit card depends on your preference. You could pay the in cash upon arrival. Our company will never oblige you to pay by credit card.
  3. What are the documents required to sign for the car rental?
    1. to have a valid international driving license.
    2. to have a valid identity card or valid passport.
    3. accept the terms of the lease agreement and sign.
  4. Is it possible to book a particular type of car?
    ANSWER: Normally not. As clearly stated in our company terms and conditions, all types of cars are only indicative and bookings are made in groups. However you could emphasize your desire and we will do our best to fulfil it.
  5. Is there a charge for cancellation?
    Answer: No. However, it would be our pleasure if you could inform us of the cancellation of your reservation as soon as possible.
  6. How could I find you at the airport / port / hotel?
    ANSWER: We will be waiting for you at the meeting point that we have agreed to (for example, in the case of an airport outside the arrivals hall), at the expected or agreed time with a large label with our company name and your own your. If you are at the meeting point sooner or later than the scheduled time you should call our call center directly and inform us.
  7. Will I lose my reservation if my arrival is delayed?
    ANSWER: Certainly not. Our company is informed of the delays of flights or ships and our representative will be at the meeting point in time. However, it is recommended that you make a call to our call center.
  8. How could I make a reservation (s)?
    WEB: Follow the steps in our booking system and you will receive a reply to your email in a few minutes.
    SKYPE: Call us on Skype and one of our representatives will talk to you right away.
    PHONE: Call our call center 0030-211-1983790 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and one of our agents will be at your disposal with amazing offers for you.
  9. Is it possible to book a car and have no one from your company waiting at the meeting point?
    ANSWER: Certainly not. Our company appreciates your choice to rent a car from us and we will not ruin your holiday in such an unacceptable way.
  10. What should I do in the event of a car breakdown?
    ANSWER: You should call our call center directly and one of our representatives will be at your disposal. Our spokesman will report the damage to our road assistance company (24/7) and will immediately replace your car, providing you with another at no extra charge.